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Neobux guide (Part 1) is a  guidebook primarily designed to help members who are new to Neobux to understand what neobux is all about and also to be familiar with the various components of neobux.


It’s been my long term goal to develop a neobux guide which can be useful to new users to Neobux. This can be useful even for older members of Neobux especially on details regarding the use of the neobux visualization filter and how to manage rented referrals.

I joined Neobux nearly 3 years ago . I had stumbled upon these Paid to click websites on a Facebook ad and joined Clixsense, and i naturally came to neobux through paid ads on clixsense.

It took me 3 months to figure out what neobux was all about. But I kept on preserving in my efforts to try neobux. So what kept me going ? Simple. I visited the forum page and saw many older members, including some from my native India earning well from Neobux. So I decided to give it a try.I wish I had come across some good guidebook about Neobux at that time. I  tried googling online looking for some good neobux guide but sadly i came across only some half baked poorly written guidebooks.

Hence it is my personal struggles that ultimately motivated me to write a comprehensive Neobux guide , so that new members need not go through all the frustrating hours that I went through.

Is Neobux complex ?

Neobux is the prototype Bux type PTC websites.  Understanding these model of PTC website is not that easy.

For those whoa re new to PTC websites, there are two type of PTC websites overall.

i)Real type PTC website :

These type of PTC are the classical PTC website. You get to earn money by viewing on paid ads. You also earn from your direct referrals- affiliate income. You will also get other options like working on tasks and lottery to boost your income. There are no rented referrals here.

The former Clixsense was the typical Real type PTC .But of course they have removed the PTC part now. Buxp and Myfreeshares are also in these category. Sadly Buxp has closed down

ii)Bux type PTC website :

Here on these type of PTC websites, apart from all that i have mentioned above you have the option of rented referrals.

Understanding all the components of rented referral system can be very difficult. Some terms like autopay, auto renew , visualization filter etc can be quite perplexing.

Infact it took me nearly 3 months to understand Neobux. Understanding a Real type PTC like clixsense was very easy, but a bux type model PTC websites is challenging .

Many of the existing PTC websites do not fall into the classical type. Scarletclicks for example is a mixture of both. In fact almost al the existing PTC websites are now mixed types.

I have decided to break up this Neobux guide into two parts since i found it was going too long. I this article ie Neobux guide part 1 i will focus on the introduction to neobux and explain the components of Neobux website. In the next part ie Neobux guide part 2 I will focus on the best strategies on Neobux and also how to manage rented referrals .


Neobux is now a multi-million-dollar advertising company. It was launched in April 2008 with its base in Portugal ,Europe. But now they have shifted their headquarters to USA somewhere in New York. Hence all the PTC ads on neobux renewals follow the U.S New York timings.

It is indeed a  trusted company paying its users on time for over  a decade now. Neobux has endured some hard times especially following the withdrawl of PayPal from any PTC website. To make matters worse Payza has now become defunct. But till date it is one of the most successful PTC website ever !!

Currently Neobux boasts of some amazing statistics:

  • an Alexa rank of 647 as of June 2017.!!! (An Alexa rank below 1000 is considered a highly popular and highly visited website).
  • more than 20 million traffic per month
  • 30,000,000 advertisement visualizations daily.
  • About 11,000 new members join Neobux Daily!
  • average of about 100,000 $ payment to members daily!!!
  • Neobux total membership is unknown since admin has kept that statistics secret. But definitely more than 20-30 million members.


It is beyond doubt neobux the most popular PTC website ever. The closest PTC website that comes anyway near to Neobux is Clixsense. Unfortunately, starting from 15th July 2017 Clixsense will no longer be a PTC website. It is stopping the PTC part of its website and functioning as a site for micro-tasking and survey offers.

That now leaves Neobux as the undisputed King of PTC.

To start this Neobux guide , let me go through the registration and also how to set up your personal settings. Those who are already registered members can skip the registration part, but kindly do not neglect the settings. Some members of Neobux indeed have encountered difficulties due to wrong settings.

                         NEOBUX : KING OF PTC.


How to register on Neobux?

This is very simple. Just click the button below and you will open to the registration page. Fill in your account name, password and email


Remember your username and password since you cannot change them at any cost.

Another thing to remember is that Neobux allows one user per I.P address. Hence you cannot even create a new account on your current I.P address.Violating these terms will lead to termination of your account. ( Like mine. I tried to outsmart them and created a false account, and my account got terminated instantly !!).

I had to start all over again. Thankfully that time I was new to neobux and had not invested any cash and my account was almost nil ..lol.!!

Hence I suggest you write down the details of your neobux account including your username, password and payment details in a dairy.

 How do I earn on Neobux?

There are a number of ways to earn on Neobux. These include:

  1. Earn by clicking and viewing Paid ads ie Paid to click ads.
  2. Income from referrals.
  3. Earn by doing mini-jobs.
  4. Earn by doing offers.

How to fill up my personal settings page?

Setting up your personal page is simple and yet a very important step. You cannot afford to make mistake here.

Hence I suggest all new users to carefully see this step and fill up my Personal settings.

To start click on the personal settings button as shown above. On clicking the Personal settings button you will see the following.

1.Personal data.

Fill in your personal email address as well as your payment email address. On skrill/ Neteller.

Sadly, PayPal is currently not allowing neobux transactions at present.

These details can be changed if required.

2.Other settings page:

Here you are to set up your neobux account on a number of unrelated items

1.Lock for inactivity;

This is about how long you want your neobux website to remember your log in details after you have logged out.

If you are the only one using Neobux it`s ok to have a long duration- 24/ 48 hours. But of suspect that someone might use your IP address, then keep it as short as possible, maybe 30 minutes.

2.After session login/unlock-

This is the page that will open up as soon as you log in to neobux. I prefer jumping straight to advertisements so I have chosen –view advertisements option.

3.Allow direct referrals- obviously –YES.

4.Show my username- This is about showing your username whenever you are advertising with your neobux account. You choose to show your username or be anonymous in your ads.

5.Refresh advertisements- YES.

Because I don’t want to manually refresh every time.

6.Rental times;

These applies only with Golden members with or without golden packs. For Standard members, you can rent referrals anytime of the day.

You are allowed two separate rental hours every day.

You are free to choose any two hours of the day when you think you will be free. If you are able to log in only evening both timings can be in the evening.

3.FORUM Settings.

These settings are all related to the forum.

-show topics over- 1 chose LAST month.

-Sort topics by- Latest.

-Topics row- I chose 10.

-Show personal statistics- YES.

-Personal ICON – so far I have none. If you want, you can upload your personal pics or icon here.

4.ADALERT Settings.

New advertisement sound- choose your comfortable level- I set 3

-Show advertisements- YES- click all (ie Micro/ mini/ fixed /others- the buttons should look green when its on)

Show mini jobs-YES.
-Show main balance –YES.
Show Rental Balance –YES
-Notifications- YES.
Password confirmation- you need to fill up this one every time you change your settings.

Details related to your Account

In this section I am going to address, issues related to your Neobux account.

I will be using the FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) available on the Neobux account as my guide. I will be adding extra information wherever necessary.

Can I change my username?
Everything you can change in your account is in your account settings page.

How is activity measured?

Since Neobux  is a PTC, activity is defined by advertisements’ visualization.
All other features on our site are optional and won’t be considered for activity purposes.

What are Coins?

Coins are your Neobux currency which can be converted to money directly into your Main Balance.

Currently you earn Coins by:

  • Completing offers

Coin offers are credited 60 days after a successful offer completion. This period is required for security reasons.
Coins can only be converted to real money credited directly to your Main Balance.

The conversion rate is as follows:

  • 2,500 Coins = $0.8 for each 1000 Coins = $2
  • 5,000 Coins = $1.0 for each 1000 Coins = $5
  • 10,000 Coins = $1.1 for each 1000 Coins = $11
  • 20,000 Coins = $1.2 for each 1000 Coins = $24
  • 30,000 Coins = $1.3 for each 1000 Coins = $39
  • 40,000 Coins = $1.4 for each 1000 Coins = $56
  • 60,000 Coins = $1.5 for each 1000 Coins = $90
  • 80,000 Coins = $1.6 for each 1000 Coins = $128
  • 100,000 Coins = $1.7 for each 1000 Coins = $170

You can convert your Coins as soon as you have enough and after the 60 days period.

Also Coin offers will grant you a referral commission from your direct referrals’ offers. You’ll get an amount of Coins equal to 20% of the amount each of your direct referrals earns. For example, if your direct referral earns 20,000 Coins you’ll get 4,000 Coins. The amount of Coins you can earn from commissions is unlimited.

Rules for Coins commissions:

  • Credited after 60 days just like your own Coin offers.
  • The user must still be your referral after the 60 days.
  • If the offer is canceled the user will get the Coins canceled and your commission will also be canceled.

In the case of any pending offer not credited, you’ll need to contact the offer’s provider support directly. At the top-right of any offer wall you’ll find a link to do so.

any offer wall you’ll find a link to do so.


What are direct purchases?

Direct purchases are all purchases and transfers you make from your main balance.

It’s called “direct” because it saves you the hassle from cashing out and purchasing.

The direct purchases may be AutoPay payments, transfers to the other balances, etc.

External purchases do not count towards the total of direct purchases.

What are Points?

Points are your NeoBux currency which can be used for purchasing some of our services

Currently you earn Points by:

  • Viewing advertisements: Each advertisement = 1 Point
  • Winning Points in AdPrize

Points can be used for:

  • Golden Membership: 30000 Points = 1-year Golden Membership
  • Recycle and/or extend your rented referrals
  • Increase your direct referrals limit: 500 Points = Increase the limit by 1 direct referral.

How to make the Neo-points profitably?

I have found that the best way to use Neo-points is to use them for extending Golden Membership.

I recently learned that using Neo-points for Upgrading to Golden Membership is better then using them for recycling RR

If we use points for Golden upgrade,

Golden upgrade cost -90 $/30,000 points ie 90$ = 30,000 points.

hence 1 dollar=30,000/90=333.3 points.

hence 1 cents = 3.3 points.

If we use Points for recycling referrals

0.06 $ = 80 points    ie 6 cents = 80 points.

1 cents = 80/6 =13.3 points.

So if you use points for recycling,

13 points=1 cents (1300 points =100 cents=1$)

If you use points for Golden Upgrade

  • 3.3 points= 1 cents (ie 330 points=100 cents=1 $)

Hence using points for Golden upgrade enhances their value by almost thrice.


                                  Link : How to use Neopoints smartly  


(Link to my Neobux page).


All balances (except for the main balance) have their own purpose.
The rental balance is used to pay the costs of managing referrals (renting, extending, recycling, AutoPay, etc.) and cannot be used for any other purchase nor can it be cashed out.
Another user with my IP address has already seen the advertisement in the last 24 hour
We only allow advertisements to be credited once using the same IP address in 24 hours.

Dynamic IP addresses are delivered randomly based on a geographical location.
This means that the IP you have today may have been someone else’s IP yesterday or a few hours ago.

Some other probable causes may be:

• Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) give the same IP address to more than one user usually by using a proxy.
• You’re using a shared network environment (such as a school, an office, a cybercafe or even a building’s network) where all computers share the same internet IP address.
• You have an unsecured wireless network and someone near you may be using your internet access without your consent.
Just a warning/caution to all new users. Neobux is very strict against users having multiple account. I also tried cheating them and got my account banned .Thankfully it happened soon after I joined neobux.!!

I get a warning that I must click all advertisements to get credited for my referral’s clicks

We have a rule that helps all users with referrals to be active, including you.
As you like to see your referrals active, so your referrer does.

According to point 3.7 of our Terms of Service, the clicks you win from referrals are directly related to the clicks you make.
If you click at least 4 advertisements being a Standard / Pioneer member or you click at least 9 advertisements being a Golden member, you’ll receive all clicks made from your referrals.
If you click below that, the maximum you will receive is only the amount of clicks you’ve made multiplied by the number of referrals you have.
The referral clicks will be calculated based on the clicks you made on the previous day.
These calculations are based on the server time which can be seen in the “View Advertisements” page.
The only advertisements that will count are: Extended Exposure, Standard Exposure, and Orange Fixed Advertisements.

This basically means that you need to click by the server’s time every day and not by your own time (unless you live in the same time zone).

What is an extended view?

An advertiser chooses between five kinds of exposure: Purple Fixed, Micro, Mini, Standard or Extended.

A purple fixed exposure and micro exposure lasts for 5 seconds, a mini exposure lasts for 15 seconds, a standard exposure lasts for 30 seconds and an extended exposure lasts for 60 seconds.
This time is calculated from when the progress bar starts until it ends and the click gets credited to the user’s account.

An extended view advertisement is worth more than a standard view one.
You can find values per click in our help page.

What is the click reset time?

You can only be credited by the same advertisement once each 24 hours.
Imagine your click reset time (shown at your own local time) as your midnight.

This means that after that time, another period of 24 hours will count so that you can be credited by viewing the advertisements.
This reset time is set randomly for each user upon registration and cannot be modified under any circumstances.

Why do I see few advertisements?

Some advertisements are displayed worldwide while some are filtered demographically.

demographic filter is a tool for an advertiser to choose which countries are allowed to view the exposed advertisement. This is an optional tool.

So, you’ll see all worldwide advertisements (unfiltered) and the advertisements for your country (demographically filtered).

We guarantee a daily minimum of 4 advertisements to Standard members and a daily minimum of 9 advertisements for Golden members.
Golden members with a Golden Pack can reach a minimum of 15 daily advertisements.

So ultimately, what does this mean.!! If you are from a developing country like India, Bangladesh, Venezuela or Philippines you will get lesser number of advertisements than someone from a developed country like England or USA or Canada. This is because most ads target users from developed countries since they have higher investment power.


Referrals are those members of Neobux who has joined your downline. Hence you earn a fraction of their income daily.

There are two types of referrals.

Direct Referrals– these are the members you have joined Neobux as your downline. This means they have joined Neobux using your referral link.

You will earn from these referrals for life, ie as long as they remain active in neobux you will continue to earn from them.

Rented referrals: These are users whom you have hired for a period of time. You have to pay them so that they continue to work for you ie you need to extend their referral period if you have to continue earning from them.

Is there a limit to the number of referrals?

Yes. Neobux admin has fixed a limit as to the number of referrals you can have. These are determined by the type of Membership you have.

Rented referrals limits- based on membership type.

Ultimate members have the option of buying unlimited members of RR, beyond 4000 RR but at a much higher cost.

Limit to Direct Referrals

First of all, you can only have direct referrals after you meet these conditions:

  • Been a member for at least 15 days
  • Have made at least 100 clicks

After these conditions are met, the direct referral you can have will be based first on the following limit:

  • Standard: 30
  • Pioneer: 60
  • Golden: 200
  • Golden+Pioneer: 250
  • Golden/Emerald: 300
  • Golden/Sapphire: 300
  • Golden/Platinum: 400
  • Golden/Diamond: 400
  • Golden/Ultimate: Unlimited

A Pioneer member is a member who have joined Neobux in 2008 soon after Neobux was launched. They are given few extra privileges.

The Direct referral limit is however increased if you have been a member of Neobux for longer period.

Depending on how many days you’ve been registered, all those days, minus the first 30, will count towards a limit increase.
This means that the older member you are, the more referrals you may have.
The amount will be based on your current membership/pack and the days you’re registered (minus 30). This amount will vary and is explained below:

  • Standard/Pioneer = Days-30 divided by 4
  • Golden (without a pack) = Days-30 divided by 2
  • Golden (with a pack) = Days-30

For example, if you have been registered for 330 days (which minus 30 gives 300 days):

  • Standard= 30 + (300/4) = 105
  • Golden = 200 + (300/2) = 350

If a user registers with your username he/she won’t be your referral if you haven’t met the 15 days/100 clicks condition or have reached the limit of allowed direct referrals.
You can always remove all direct referrals you don’t want to make room for new ones.


One or more direct referrals has disappeared.

Whenever a user has his/her account permanently suspended and that user is someone’s direct referral, it is removed from the referrer.

This is done to avoid clutter as a permanently suspended account cannot be restored.

When are the referral clicks credited to my account?

It depends.

If the referral is a direct one, they’re credited instantly.

If the referral is a rented one, it can take from 3 to 15 minutes depending on the current server load.

It is like this because the resources needed to credit each click individually are much higher than doing it all at once. On average it takes less than 5 minutes for users to make all their clicks

Where is my referral link?

To get your referral link, follow these steps

  • Go to your account by clicking your username.
  • Click on “Banners” on the left menu.
  • Right click the link you need and copy it.

You can choose any of the banners in that page

Rented referral management- tools and related topics.

Renting referrals.

Renting referrals is hiring a referral to work for you for a certain period of time. When you first rent a referral it is for a month. If you want them to work for you for longer period, then you will have to extend their rental period by either 15 days/ 30 days/ 60 days/ 90 days/150 days/240 days. But one must remember that if you extend them for longer period you will get more discount. You also use the AutoPay or Autorenew function for extension of referrals.

What is AutoPay?

If you have AutoPay enabled, on the first click a referral makes per day, you’ll pay to keep that referral for an extra day.

If the referral does not click, you won’t pay for another day.

So, imagine you rented 500 referrals by spending $100 for a month’s rent.
Instead of paying $100 again at the next due date (yes, it hurts), you can pay for them daily.

In the end, you’ll save $15 and you’ll never run out of referrals ().
Also, you don’t have to worry about the due date (
While it’s easier to pay this way, it’s also cheaper for you because you save 15% of a whole month’s rent.

Basically, you’ll pay one day in advance to your referral’s due date.

The value for each referral/day will be deducted from your rental balance.
If your rental balance has insufficient funds, it will deduct from your main balance.
If both balances have insufficient funds, it won’t be triggered and will only work again when one of the balances has enough funds.

AutoPay seems like a very good option, especially if you are handling a large number of rented referrals. But I don’t advice using AutoPay. I manually extend all my rented referrals to 240 days. This is because you get only 15% discount on extension cost while I get 30% discount if I manually extend my referral for 240 days.

What is AutoRenew?

AutoRenew is the automatic renewal process of your rented referrals.
Contrary to AutoPay which will work only when a referral makes his/her first click for a day and will extend for one day the referral’s deadline, AutoRenew works every day (*) and prolongs your referral’s deadline based on your chosen renewal period and time before expiration.

You can enable AutoRenew in your rented referrals listing page the same way you do with AutoPay.

Before enabling it the two following options will be given:

  • Period: This will be the exact period for which the referral’s rental will be extended. You can choose any of the usual manual renewal periods (15, 30, 60, 90, 150, and 240 days) to receive the benefit from the related discounts for each period (except for the 15 days one).
  • Before: The time before the expiration when the automated renewal will be triggered. You can choose any of the available number of days and your referrals will be extended if the rental deadline is the same or below the chosen number of days.

Again this seems like a very good option. But honestly speaking Autorenew does not give me any advantage at all,.

Instead I manually extend all my referrals. This is especially because if you get extend your referrals when there is a discount offer for referral extension – I extend most of my referrals on such days!!

So AutoPay and Autorenew are functions I do not recommend.


What does recycle do?

Recycling means to exchange a rented referral for a new one.

There are times when certain referrals don’t live up to expectations.
In this case, one can recycle them for only $0.07 each (less in certain Golden Packs).

Neobux admin also provide automatic (and free) replacements for referrals who don’t click for 14 days straight (less in certain Golden Packs, 7 days for ultimate membership.

Infact these Automatic 7 inactive day Free replacement of rented referral for ultimate members is so effective that Ultimate members do not have to ever recycle inactive rented referrals.

How do I recycle referrals?

To recycle a single referral, the easiest method is to click the green icon (the two arrows) at the end of the referral’s row in the referral listing.
Click it and then just confirm that you really want to.
Using this method, you can pay with your rental balance or get the amount deducted from your main balance if your rental balance hasn’t enough funds.

To recycle a group of referrals, just tick every checkbox at the end of each referral’s row.

Then, scroll to the end of the listing and you’ll see an option asking you what you want to do with the referrals you selected.
You may want to do many things to or with them but we only give you the options listed there.
Just select that you want to recycle them and confirm.

How much to recycle ?

This is a much debated issue. Most older members including myself recommend recycling about 1-1.5% of your rented referrals daily.

So if you have 200 RR, recycle only 2-3 RR of the most inactive RR. If you have 1000RR, recycle around 10-15 RR daily.

There are some members who recycle nearly 2% of RR daily. This is a high risk approach and gives a false sense of wellbeing when in reality you might not be earning much because you are spending too much on recycling.

Whom to recycle ?

By consensus, preferable recycle the older ones .That means the RR who have been working for you for longer period. Most RR on neobux become unprofitable after 40-50 rental days from my experience.

So if you see that any of your older referrals are not very active, recycle them.

How to use the Visualization filter.

Many users of Neobux , even the older ones do not use the Neobux visualization filter effectively. This filter is so effective you can use it to identify any inactive referral.

The Visualization Filter has the following components.

-The flags.



-Total number of clicks

Last click

-Referral since

-Next payment.

I have explained how to use the visualization filter in another article. You can follow the link below

LINK:       How to use the Neobux visualization filter.


Micro-jobs are called Mini-jobs on Neobux.

The objective of the available Mini Jobs is to solve problems ranging from data collection and product categorization to business lead verification, content generation / modification and academic research.

Every time you complete a task , you earn a small commission.

How to get started with mini-jobs.

The concept is as simple as get a Mini Job done and get paid instantly in your main balance. To get access to the available Mini Jobs you only need to use the “Offers” button, select “Mini Jobs” and choose any that seems interesting to you. The amount you will be paid for each task and an estimation of how many tasks are available for each Mini Job will be displayed always left of the Mini Job’s description.

Detailed instructions about what exactly your work will be are available on screen and it may be required to answer some questions in a training mode before you are able to start working for more.

I advise you to follow carefully the instructions because an automatic system is in place to track the accuracy of the participants as they work. A number of false answers higher than a Mini Job’s accuracy threshold may prevent you from completing a Mini Job, so it’s strongly advisable to avoid giving random answers or acting while you haven’t understood completely what you should do.

Mini Jobs are presented by CrowdFlower which is a crowdsourcing platform, offering you the chance to make money for participating in simple Mini Jobs. The available Mini Jobs are easy to do assignments and the more you work, the higher your reward will be. It’s strongly advisable to visit the Mini Jobs page frequently as new Mini Jobs become available all the time.

For further details on how to earn from micro-jobs kindly follow the link below

               LINK:    How to earn from micro-tasks.

What is and how do I find my Contributor / Mini Job ID?

By clicking the “listing” button at the top-right inside any Mini Job’s interface and selecting “help” you’ll find both your Contributor and Mini Job IDs. When you work for a Mini Job, your contribution is completely anonymous and therefore those IDs are required in order to be recognized in the case you need to contact Crowd Flower’s support.


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